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Outside help can make all the difference in a brain injury case

Working as a personal injury attorney requires quite a few skills, including strong powers of persuasion and negotiation. Attorneys working in this highly competitive area of law often decide to focus on certain kinds of injuries or cases. This allows them to accumulate knowledge about the medical, social and mental impact of various injuries. Over time, that knowledge can translate into greater success and larger settlements for clients.

However, this doesn't mean that an attorney who doesn't have in-depth medical knowledge about a specific injury can't successfully argue a case. It only means that he or she may need expert help from an attorney with more specific experience to build the best case possible for clients. For those considering taking on a personal injury case that involves a serious traumatic brain injury (TBI), working with an attorney who understands the medical side of TBI cases can help.

Brain injuries are complex and have unusual symptoms

Some kinds of injury cases are straightforward and easy to develop. A broken bone or spinal cord injury that result from an accident, for example, would have direct medical and legal records that help connect the accident to the injury and the losses associated with it. Brain injuries, however, may go undetected for days or even longer, which can make it harder to build a case. The delayed onset of symptoms can complicate these cases.

Another factor that makes TBI cases unique is the broad spectrum of potential symptoms. The human brain controls every aspect of our personality, movement and memory. A TBI can affect one small region, several areas or an entire hemisphere of the human brain. The kind of symptoms that develop, as well as their severity, will depend on the nature and location of the TBI. Symptoms can range from motor function issues or problems with balance to changes in mood and personality and loss of memory.

Other people may experience sensory symptoms, such as sensitivity to light or sounds, ringing sounds in the ears, a recurring bad taste, problems with loss of smell, or intensifying of smell and blurred vision. With such a broad range of symptoms, it's critical to work with someone who understands the medical side of your case and can help you relate these unusual symptoms to a previous brain or head injury.

Seeking outside can benefit you and your clients

Instead of losing out on a potentially valuable case or disappointing a referred client, you can choose to work with an outside attorney as a consultant for your TBI case. This way, your client can work with his or her preferred attorney, and you can focus on doing your job to the best of your ability.

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