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Take your trial preparation to the next level

As a practicing lawyer, you've realized by now that there is a large gap between understanding the law in theory and understanding how to tackle a trial. For many lawyers, actually taking a case to trial, especially a personal injury suit, is a bit of a mythical white whale — floating out there in the great oceans of litigation, but rarely encountered.

Now, for whatever reason, you may face actually heading into the courtroom to represent your client. As any successful trial lawyer can tell you, even an excellent understanding of the legislation and precedent rulings that pertain to your case is often not enough to pull out a win in the courtroom. A great trial lawyer also understands and practices the presentation and procedural skills necessary to get to the heart of their clients' stories and avoid losing valuable ground on technicalities.

Nearly all lawyers' trial skills can benefit from some wise counsel and years of experience in the courtroom. If this applies to your case, do not hesitate to reach out to a seasoned lawyer who can help you hone your craft and make sure you enter the courtroom fully prepared.

Are you ready to truly sell your client's narrative?

Many, many different legal practices are mostly about understanding the details of an area of law and having a keen nose for research. Representing a client in the courtroom requires bringing new dimensions to your skill set, including not only understanding courtroom procedures but also a degree of professional theatricality.

While this is not to say that judges and juries get fooled by a flashy presentation (although some surely do), a poor presentation of a strong case is never as effective as a strong case presented professionally and convincingly.

An experienced trial lawyer can help you understand how to build your courtroom presentation for maximum efficacy. It would be a shame for your client to suffer because the opposing counsel prepares to play a more professional, convincing game than you do.

Do you understand courtroom procedures?

As you no doubt learned after leaving law school, very, very few cases actually make it all the way to court. Because of this: Many lawyers who are otherwise capable and professional miss key opportunities or make procedural errors that hurt their case and their client.

As you prepare for your trial, it is important to spend appropriate time and effort to make sure that you understand the nuances of trial procedures, from making the most of the discovery phase, to creating a comprehensive strategy around introducing relevant experts, to hitting home runs with your opening and closing statements.

As you build your practice, it is crucial to understand that your season of learning and honing the craft practicing law only begins in law school, and continues for years after.

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