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Need to convince the courts about psychological damage from TBIs?

A lot of research and knowledge goes into a personal injury case involving a traumatic brain injury (TBI). These injuries can impact many different aspects of a victims' lives, from their ability to work their job to memory, personality and overall mood. Many times, the psychological impact of a TBI can be profound.

All too often, attorneys who represent people who sustained TBIs focus only on the physical effects of the injury and not the psychological ones. However, the psychological impact of a TBI can result in significant pain and suffering, to say nothing of medical expenses.

If you are representing a client with a TBI, you need to examine all the different ways that this injury has changed his or her life, including emotional, psychological and social factors. Has your client developed secondary medical disorders, such as psychological disorders, as a result of the TBI? These kinds of injuries can change every aspect of a client's life, and without adequate representation and information from you, the settlement or court decision may not be adequate for all that's happened.

TBIs can completely change a person

The brain is where our personalities live. When your brain sustains serious damage, who you are as a person can change. In addition to serious issues with cognition and memory, those who have a TBI may find themselves thinking and acting differently than they did before their injury. They may no longer be able to perform their job. Even if they don't have physical disabilities caused by their TBI, they may no longer remember critical training or be able to retain necessary information to perform their job safely and adequately.

All of that combined can have a profound psychological impact on an individual. It's possible to also develop serious psychological damage, such as depression and anxiety disorders, as a result of a TBI. The victims no longer feel like they are the same people they were before. They may feel alienated from the people whom they used to be closest to. Major relationships may change or even end as a result of a TBI. It's also very possible, depending on the type of accident, for people with TBIs to develop post-traumatic stress disorder, a condition that requires long-term therapy to adjust to or overcome.

Get the help you need to represent your client

Understanding the complexities of TBIs and how they affect their victims can take years of experience and learning. When you have a client who needs help now, your best option may be to work with an more experienced attorney who has years of experience in representing people with TBIs. Don't attempt to learn everything on your own in a short period of time. Reach out to someone capable of helping you and your client today.

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