Helping Professionals Find Answers To Ethical Dilemmas

There are many attorneys and professionals who find themselves facing difficult ethical questions. When you encounter a grey area in the rules of professional conduct, you may not know what to do or who to contact to ensure that you are meeting your specific obligations.

At Cohen's Counsel, I have over 25 years of experience serving as an ethics consultant to lawyers, doctors and other professionals who are dealing with complex ethical concerns. I will help you consider all sides of your current problem and help you find an answer that helps you protect your livelihood.

How I Can Help With Your Ethical Questions

Throughout my career as an attorney, I have provided consultant services to groups and individuals who may find their professional license in jeopardy. The vast majority of my clients come to me for help thinking about the issue that they are currently experiencing. They want to be sure that they are able to examine the matter from every position, so that they have a clear understanding of the risks and problems that they may have if they pursue a certain course of action.

Some of the services that I provide to my clients include:

  • Working with individual attorneys who are struggling with an issue relating to the rules of professional conduct
  • Meeting with law firms to discuss specific concerns involving legal ethics
  • Giving presentations at CLEs and other seminars relating to ethical questions
  • Helping health care professionals prepare for challenges against their license

I am happy to help you break down and evaluate your concerns, but in some circumstances, you may need a licensed attorney in your state to assist you with your specific needs. I can evaluate your question and tell you exactly what you will need to do to ensure that you are taking the proper steps to protect your license.

Free One-Hour Consultations

To find out how I can be of assistance to you, please call my Bethel, Vermont, office at 802-234-8365 or send me an email. I am able to provide professionals nationwide guidance with their ethical concerns.