Helping Attorneys Evaluate And Prepare Brain Injury Cases

I am attorney Larry Cohen, a consultant on traumatic brain injury litigation. Over the last 25-plus years, I have devoted a large portion of my private practice to brain injuries, and I am now available to share my knowledge with other attorneys and insurance companies who face challenging cases.

I have extensive training in the legal and psychological component of brain injury cases, having taken many post-doctorate courses in psychology to better understand the impact that the injuries have upon a person. I have presented countless CLEs on brain injuries and understand the unique issues that must be examined to determine the appropriate course of action.

Helping You Prepare A Comprehensive Review Of Your Case

In many brain injury cases, there are serious questions concerning the extent of the injuries suffered by the victims. These injuries can include physical and psychological injuries, which can be incredibly difficult to diagnose or refute. The evidence can quickly become overwhelming, leaving you unsure what you must do to support your claim.

I can explain the methods that you can use to perform a comprehensive investigation into the injuries in your case. I can help you understand the medical information that is present, and also explain how to determine the psychological injuries present. This includes interviewing family members, friends and coworkers about the changes that the victim has experienced as a result of the injury.

Due to the large number of these cases that I have handled in the past, I have connections to many different experts in this field. I can help you find the right expert for your particular situation. I will also help prepare these experts for trial, to ensure that you are able to clearly explain to the court what has happened.

As a former trial lawyer, I understand the steps that go into preparing a successful case. I will be happy to help you review your strategy to ensure that you are doing everything possible to meet your specific goals.

Schedule A Free Consultation With An Experienced Brain Injury Attorney And Consultant

I can help you understand all of the issues that are present in your brain injury case. To schedule a free one-hour appointment to discuss your concerns, please call my Bethel, Vermont, office at 802-234-8365 or send me an email. I offer consultant services to clients nationwide.